Over the next few months, a lot of work will be taking place throughout the golf course and around the clubhouse.  By the spring, the course and its surroundings will have undergone some major changes.

The flower bed at the entrance of the golf course is currently being removed.  A new flower bed will be constructed in the same spot over the next few months.  Although this is not a physical change that changes the playability of the golf course, it is a priority for us as we continue to improve the clubhouse and its surroundings.  The design process for the entrance has begun and we are excited at the new and “fresh” look it will give to each of our guests as they arrive and leave hopefully giving you a lasting impression.

As for the golf course?  The front 9 holes are currently closed for the week and possibly longer as we begin our tree removal process.  Approximately 65% of the current trees on the course are planned on being removed.  This will not change the layout of the golf course.  “Thinning” the tree areas will allow sunlight to hit the ground and allow grass to grow; help eradicate the squirrel problem we have been known to have; and help with the overall playability of the golf course.  And yes, that pesky tree on Hole #4 is coming down!

Bridge repair work will also begin on the front 9 holes.  These bridges are in desperate need of work as over time, Mother Nature has had her way with them.  Although the bridges may not be completely replaced (like the metal bridge desperately needs to be), they will be fixed and made safe for the foreseeable future until we find the time and resources to completely replace them all.

Although it is cold outside and play has certainly slowed down, our work here continues to increase.  We will be continuing to work hard all winter to provide our guests, members and the Choctaw community the golf course we can all be proud of!  Feel free to stop by throughout the winter and see the changes occurring!