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What seems like a no brainer can often become one of the biggest debates for a golf facility operating in the South Central Region of the United States: Potential for Winter Revenue vs. Protecting the Golf Course.

From the agronomic side, winter play should be restricted or banned to maximize turfgrass health and survival.  However, the easy counter argument here is that winter play increases the chance at additional revenue during the slow time of the year and can even introduce your course to a new clientele who may come back during the prime season.

Ultimately, it is a fine line for the Golf Course Management team to carefully weigh in on the potential for additional revenue versus the risk of potential winter turf injury.  Is the small increase in winter revenue worth the offset cost of damage when winterkill can become widespread through the following spring?

What most golfers fail to understand is that turfgrass plants recover from traffic through active regrowth.  Concentrated winter traffic on greens and tees can stress turf plants and make them more susceptible to winterkill when cold temperatures return.  Concentrated cart and foot traffic around greens and tees can then often be seen the following spring.

Traffic on wet soils or partially frozen soil also increases compaction.  Winter freeze-thaw cycles help alleviate compaction from the summer play.  Winter traffic can reduce natural compaction relief and can negatively impact turf performance during the summer.

While dry and unfrozen conditions may seem like a better occasion to allow winter play, these conditions are especially challenging because they dehydrate the turf.  It reduces the plant cold-hardiness and can lead to death when cold weather returns.  Many Golf Course Superintendents fight winter desiccation with light applications of watering.  Concentrated traffic accelerates turf dehydration, increases water requirements and increases the risk of winterkill.  It is comparable to playing golf on turf that is never watered during a summer drought.

Re-establishing turfgrass in spring can also be extremely difficult because the soil is still cold, and the weather isn’t ideal for seedling growth and recovery.  Traffic from spring golf can also slow recovery causing winterkill to linger until mid-summer or longer.

The thought of increased revenue during winter can be very tempting.  However, the small increase in revenue can be dwarfed by the damage that increased traffic can cause during what already proves to be a stressful time for turfgrass, especially at a course with a history of winterkill during spring.

Knowing this information, the Golf Course Management is dedicated to improving the course conditions and enjoyment for all our golfers while protecting the course when it needs protection the most.  Unfortunately, sometimes it is an inconvenience to those looking to get out and enjoy a beautiful day on the course after unfavorable weather, but our intentions will always be looking towards the future well being and not trying to make “the quick buck”.  When the weather permits, the plan will always be to have the course open for full play, however, sometimes that is out of our control.

Over the next few months, a lot of work will be taking place throughout the golf course and around the clubhouse.  By the spring, the course and its surroundings will have undergone some major changes.

The flower bed at the entrance of the golf course is currently being removed.  A new flower bed will be constructed in the same spot over the next few months.  Although this is not a physical change that changes the playability of the golf course, it is a priority for us as we continue to improve the clubhouse and its surroundings.  The design process for the entrance has begun and we are excited at the new and “fresh” look it will give to each of our guests as they arrive and leave hopefully giving you a lasting impression.

As for the golf course?  The front 9 holes are currently closed for the week and possibly longer as we begin our tree removal process.  Approximately 65% of the current trees on the course are planned on being removed.  This will not change the layout of the golf course.  “Thinning” the tree areas will allow sunlight to hit the ground and allow grass to grow; help eradicate the squirrel problem we have been known to have; and help with the overall playability of the golf course.  And yes, that pesky tree on Hole #4 is coming down!

Bridge repair work will also begin on the front 9 holes.  These bridges are in desperate need of work as over time, Mother Nature has had her way with them.  Although the bridges may not be completely replaced (like the metal bridge desperately needs to be), they will be fixed and made safe for the foreseeable future until we find the time and resources to completely replace them all.

Although it is cold outside and play has certainly slowed down, our work here continues to increase.  We will be continuing to work hard all winter to provide our guests, members and the Choctaw community the golf course we can all be proud of!  Feel free to stop by throughout the winter and see the changes occurring!

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One year has come and gone since the City of Choctaw took over ownership of Choctaw Creek Golf Course.  A lot of changes have happened since then.  From inside the clubhouse to the grounds of the course, everything has been improving with each new day.

The clubhouse continues to receive the much needed makeover it has been longing for with a new paint job, new tables and chairs in the restaurant/banquet area and new merchandise coming in.

The upstairs area has also been redone and turned into a Member’s Lounge that boasts two dart boards, 9ft shuffleboard table, 6ft pool table with a ping pong table topper, seating for 20+ and TVs.

We aren’t stopping there either.

Renovations to our restrooms have begun with plans to replace the flooring throughout the building as well.

As for the golf course itself?  It’s almost unrecognizable from the state it was in when the City purchased it.  From tee to green, the golf course is in as good of shape as any of the public courses in OKC.  The 3 bunkers on the golf course have all been reworked and are playable at all times with plans for more bunkers to be added throughout the golf course as well.

The greens have made the most improvement of all.  For anyone who saw them after the damage they had received prior to the City of Choctaw purchasing the golf course and hasn’t seen them since, you will be happy with how far they have come.  Our Superintendent, Aron Mock, and his team have done a very impressive job in the last 9 months.  The greens, which were 80% gone, are now 90-95% healed.  By the end of the 2018 golf season, we expect the greens to be 100% healed and healthy, a full year or more earlier than initially expected.  Aron’s hard work, dedication and expertise have already begun to pay off immensely and we are blessed to have him here.

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